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Support Windows Explorer Plugins

For example, I use 7-zip which adds its own menu to the context menu. It would be helpful to have this available in XYplorer.

KStock , 06.02.2012, 07:57
Idea status: under consideration


DonaldLessau, 06.02.2012, 09:28
The shell context menu including custom items by shell extensions is supported, of course.

However, you cannot have items of 64-bit shell extensions in the shell context menu of a 32-bit application and vice versa. This the law by Windows architecture.

Workaround: Often this can be fixed by installing the 32-bit version of the application "side-by-side" with the 64-bit version.
KStock, 06.02.2012, 13:46
Thank-you for your reply. By "the application", do you mean XYplorer, or the other application I want to use with it (for example, 7-zip)? If the latter, that could lead to a lot of extra installations.
DonaldLessau, 06.02.2012, 16:11
The latter.

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